Thursday, 28 February 2013

Microchipping.... Good or Bad?

According to ChipMeNot’s Manifesto   microchipping dogs is only the start.  If you look at what has happened in parts of the US it seems inevitable that certain humans will be next.  The idea of microchipping dogs is that they won’t get lost.  They do get lost, however, and a microchip doesn’t necessarily result in a happy ending.  If your dog is stolen, or the organisation who finds him doesn’t have the correct reader, it won’t help.  In addition there are indications of microchips causing cancer.  As always, money talks.   This forthcoming law in England will not have the slightest effect on irresponsible ownership ( the supposed target of this legislation) – in what way could it do this?  And how will this law be enforced?  But it will make a lot of money for someone.  And it will look like the Government is “doing something”.  And by the way …….. have we been swallowing microchips with our horsemeat?
An extract from the Manifesto:
8. Responsible ownership cannot be legislated into existence
It is not possible to create responsible owners via legislation. Anyone that
believes this can be done does not understand what responsible ownership
entails. Governments increasingly want to control all elements of peoples'
lives and are no longer satisfied with their role of administering the nation's
infrastructure. The media play their part in calling for the state to "do
something" and an increasingly infantalised public all too often fall into line.
Responsibility cannot be state sanctioned - only obedience and fear can be
state sanctioned. As a society we need to work together to improve our

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