Friday, 23 March 2012

Raw & Natural Nutrition for Dogs

 Still on the dog food trail!

This one is Raw & Natural Nutrition for Dogs by Lew Olson
(isbn 978-1-55643-903-2, published in 2010 by North Atlantic Books)

This gives clearly set out information on raw feeding, but also home-cooked food. It starts out with a very interesting history of dog food - how easy it is for us to be taken in by the big food giants, both for human and for dog food! There is no condemnation here, just the facts, which speak for themselves.

The latter half of the book deals with nutrition for specific illnesses and diseases. Very helpful.

If you've tried everything the vet has to offer and nothing seems to be happening, it makes a lot of sense to look at your dog's diet. There has been a lot of debate recently on how much protein older dogs need. Perceived wisdom has it that they don't need as much, and that too much can cause renal failure. Olson states that research shows no relationship between high protein diets and renal failure (p145).

I found this book very helpful and enlightening.

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