Sunday, 1 April 2012

More on Abby

Over the past couple of weeks we've introduced raw green tripe to Abby's Diet. She now gets a much smaller amount of boiled rice (and we may phase this out altogether) with cooked veg (mashed up), cooked chicken, or raw minced turkey, fish or rabbit, a raw egg every other day, live organic yoghurt or cottage cheese, fish oil and bromalain digestive enzyme. Every meal has raw tripe added.

So far she has been GREAT! (and loving her food, but then she would eat absolutely anything!!).

We're so worn out worrying about the dogs' diets we generally survive on bread and cheese ourselves!!!!

No, really, it is absolutely no sweat to prepare, especially the raw stuff. Her coat is shinier and her eyes brighter, but................HAS SHE PUT ON WEIGHT?

Watch this space.........................she is due at the vet's in a couple of days for both a weigh in session and another B12 injection. Fingers crossed.

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