Thursday, 31 January 2013

Sebaceous Cysts in our GSD follow up

You may remember our post of 6 October last year, when we said that we had started giving Cairid, our shepherd, cider vinegar and turmeric, in a bid to help with his sebaceous cysts, especially the ‘grape sized’ sucker on his back.

At the time of that post it appeared to be receding.

Well, here we are some five months later………….. and it has COMPLETELY gone!!! Yee-hah!!
Now some people think these sorts of applications/remedies are old wives tales (you know similar to ‘leg of toad, spit from a giraffe, roadside herbs all boiled in a cauldron made of clay’….) but, we researched long and hard on the internet to find that this in fact appears to be the widely accepted ‘cure’ for them. What’s more, Cairid is our living proof that it works.

So, add to your four legged friend’s food a ‘thimble’ full of cider vinegar (in our case, twice a day as that is how many times we feed him) and about a quarter of a teaspoonful of turmeric (the Indian superfood) and see if it helps you too.

One cautionary note however – Cairid has now taken up sitar lessons and has developed an uncanny liking for pakora……………….. !!!!!!!!!!!! tee hee!

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