Saturday, 5 January 2013


The big food debate – well there’s no debate at all as far as the PDSA are concerned.  In their leaflet, “Diet and Nutrition”,  they seem to imply that feeding your dog a “complete commercial pet food” is a legal requirement.  What they actually say is that it is a legal requirement for pet owners to make sure their pet has a suitable diet, then go on to tell us that “feeding your dog a complete commercial pet food is the best way of ensuring they get all the nutrients they need.”  I have to disagree.  Commercial food varies tremendously, so to tell us that all complete commercial pet food is good is to my mind designed to send a long queue of sick animals to the vets.

How astonishing is this democratic civilisation that allows us to stuff our kids with burgers and chips on a regular basis, but does not give us the credit of being able to work out what our pets need.  Food for thought!

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