Monday, 20 February 2012

Book Review

“We are so cognitively disconnected from reality that we spray poisonous chemicals on the crops we feed to our children and rationalize such stupidity as the best and most efficient way to feed a hungry world and even to protect wildlife and biodiversity, and we are so emotionally disconnected from other animals that for economic reasons we justify incarcerating livestock in the cruel, intensive confinement systems of factory farming.”

P133 “Not Fit for a Dog”, (2009) Fox, Hodgkins and Smart.

We've just read 'Not Fit For a Dog' by M W Fox, E Hodgkins and M Smart (ISBN 978-1884956-83-6. 1-884956-83-1).
If you read this you will think carefully before you buy any cat or dog food in future, especially cat food! And more especially, dried food. (And you will think twice about what you put on your own table as well, probably!).
This is a well- researched book that exposes the truth about the manufacture of pet foods in the United States, and it's an easy read.
We have no reason to suppose it's any different in the UK, although there could be differences in regulations, and we will research this.
We'll keep you posted (or if you know any different, please put a comment in).

If you love your dogs and cats, READ THIS BOOK.

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